Teaching Aids

I offer three kinds of teaching aids to women’s wellness educators and practitioners.
1) Wombs for WisdomTM sculptures
2) Sculpt It Yourself Instructions
3) Simple illustrations and diagrams for communicating
concepts of womb posture, anatomy, and blood flows

Wombs for WisdomTM Unique Womb Sculptures! 

These hand crafted, one-of-a-kind polymer clay uterus sculptures are excellent tools for 
educating women about their uterus, and helping women to ‘connect’ to their own. 

They are created from an intuitive combination of medical illustrations, cadaver viewing and study, medical studies, extensive clinical manual palpation of a variety of wombs and womb stages for over a decade, traditional folk healing concepts of the womb and its care, and energetic understanding of the womb and it’s multidimensional capacity (whether childbearing or not).

All of these angles of wisdom has informed my art. As I learn more, I evolve it.

I hand craft each womb, womb bag, and booklet, to order, with attention to detail and care, so they can support your work of helping women to understand and heal.

‘Ovulating’ & ‘Menstruating’ Deluxe Womb Sculpture Set:

Designed to function as a set, they are user-friendly and will give your clients/students an instant understanding of the impact of uterine alignment and upper range of monthly cyclical womb weight change.

Additionally, the ‘ovulating’ womb is built to approximate medical dimensions of a nulliparious womb near midcycle, and the ‘menstruating’ womb shows an upper range of enlargement as well as a variety of colors of menstrual blood.

Does the womb actually increase it’s size near the menses? My understanding is yes it does. There’s medical data to support this, which is nice to see, because of the history of traditional folk healers observing and palpating this change generations ago!

How much bigger does it get? My understand is it depends on each woman, based on her health history and lifestyle choices (such as having children or not, using birth control pills/hormone therapy or not, or even having womb inflammation/congestion from disease/malposition or not). That is why in the sculptures I make, I reference the 8 ounce weight of the mensing one as an ‘upper range’.

Why are womb cyclical weights/sizes relevant? Because these cyclical changes are normal and it helps gals to understand this. And also because when wombs are bigger and heavier they can impact the surrounding organs/tissues/structures more… Understanding this is key to helping women connect the dots about their womb position, pelvic and organ symptoms, and mensing. This can help a woman understand her own womb experience, and make choices for wellbeing.

They are a proven valuable learning aid to doulas, midwives, maya abdominal massage therapists, acupuncturists, pelvic floor yoga instructors, menarche rites of passage facilitators, and women’s health educators and practitioners.

Wombs resting in their dual chambered pouch.

The ‘Deluxe Set’ includes a hand sculpted 8 oz ‘menstruating’ uterus and 4 oz ‘ovulating’ uterus, velvety hand crafted dual chambered storage pouch and booklet of ideas for use.

Sculptures are made 4 times a year. Please email me to be included in the next batch, or to receive an order form with pricing. Thank you.

‘Menopause’ Womb Sculpture:

A great addition to your bag of wombs, and for menopausal women specifically to connect to their own womb, or post hysterectomy womb energy!

When placed next to the ovulating and mensing set of wombs they show a full snapshot of the arc of life stages from the womb’s waking to a few years into her resting. 

Zesty colors in this model are symbolic of this being a time in a woman’s life where she is typically freed up in her energy and creativity to persue her own passions, growth, and interests.

My understanding is that (just like fertility wombs) menopausal wombs size and shape vary individually based on a woman’s health history…. but also how many years have passed since her last menstrual cycle.

The further out a woman is from her menopausal transition and the less hormone therapy she takes during that time, the more the fundus shrinks from atrophy, while the cervix remains relatively stable in size and shape, altering the fundus/cervix size ratio.

Wombs that have given birth will have a ‘smiling’ os and wider fundus width with a flatter fundus top, while wombs that have not will still have the rounder hole os and a narrower fundus width… in other words, this is an organ that gets more uniquely variable with age, health history, and lifestyle choices for each woman!

I based this sculpture on averages listed from an ultrasound study done on women who are about 5 years into menopause, as well as menopausal womb medical illustrations, menopause womb cadaver viewing, clinical manual palpation of wombs of women in menopause, and folk healing wisdom.

The menopause sculpture comes with a cotton storage pouch and card of meno womb facts.  May be comfortably stored with other wombs in the velvety pouch of the Deluxe set. Colors may vary.

Sculptures are made specific times in a year. Please email me to be included in the next batch, or to receive an order form with pricing. Thank you.

All photos and images and text copyright 2019 Megan Assaf.
Do not reproduce without permission.

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