Transmissible Disease Precautions

Below are some of the precautions I am doing at the Rochester office (this is not a comprehensive list). Where possible, I adapt these precautions to the Indy office.

  • Clients are emailed a personal symptom checklist 24 hours prior to session. If answering yes to any of the symptoms, they are rescheduled at no extra cost when their health is clear again. Symptom checklist includes normal cold/flu, allergy, and relevant global spreading diseases.
  • I do not allow walk in customers. All sessions are by appointment only, with prescreened clients.
  • My office in Rochester has an air system that is just for our massage room, and an exhaust fan to the roof that pulls old air out to support fresh air coming in for each session. Also, I also use a triple method air purification unit. It includes a “True HEPA” filter, UV light, and negative ion generator. This unit will be running continuously in the therapy room in addition to the overhead vent.
  • Sanitizing and sterilizing: I wipe down with antibacterial/antiviral wipes all appropriate surfaces in the therapy room between each client. This includes chairs, massage tools, lubricant bottles, massage table, face cradle, light switch, doorknobs, pens, and table top surfaces. Massage tools are washed after each use, then sterilized with UV light before re-use. Relevant bathroom touch surfaces are wiped down with antibacterial/antiviral wipes before each session.
  • Masks: not required. It is your right to self determine if you will wear one; you are responsible for your own health and managing risk for yourself at all times. If you require that I wear one when working with you, I can. Just ask, it’s not a problem.
  • All dirty massage linens are removed after each session, including blanket, pillowcase covers, sheets, etc. Dirty linens are stored in a separate room in a covered container, or laundered immediately. New linens are in ziplock bags until use. I change the PPE I wear after each client, including apron.
  • I ask that my clients be aware of their health status and not put me at risk if they are sick or fighting something off. I do not work with clients when they are experiencing cold/flu, allergy or the latest global disease symptoms, no matter how mild.
  • I do require that you arrive to your session with a clean body. If you attend a sweaty exercise class before your session, please shower before getting on my table. Thank you in advance.
  • I have a firm policy that I do not work with clients within the one month time frame after receiving a vaccine of any kind, including a booster shot. If you are scheduled for a session in this window of time, let’s reschedule.
  • Clients remain in their vehicles until invited in the building at the time of their session. There is no waiting room.
  • If you are immunocompromised and wish to be the first client of the day as an extra precaution, contact me and we can plan ahead.

    updated 5.22.23
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