Covid Precautions

Below are some of the precautions I am doing at the Rochester office (this is not a comprehensive list). Where possible, I adapt these precautions to the Indy office.

  • I do not allow walk in customers, all sessions are by appointment only.
  • My office in Rochester has an air system that is just for our massage room, and a fan
    that pulls old air out to support fresh air for each session.
  • A triple method air purification unit: “True HEPA” filter with UV light and generating negative ions will be running continuously in the therapy room.
  • Relevant bathroom touch surfaces are wiped down with antibacterial/antiviral wipes before and after each session.
  • I wipe down with antibacterial/antiviral wipes appropriate surfaces in the therapy room between each client. This includes chairs, massage tools, lubricant bottles, massage table, face cradle, light switch, doorknobs, and table top surfaces.
  • I wear PPE and change it for each session.
  • As part of my PPE, I will be wearing a mask. It is your right to self determine if you will wear one; you are responsible for your own health and managing risk for yourself at all times.
  • For all clients, I have a comfortable and spacious way of draping the face cradle with cloth to ‘catch’ exhalation aerosols when you lie face down (so wearing a mask when face down is not necessary unless you prefer it).
  • All dirty massage linens are removed after each session, including blanket, pillowcase covers, sheets, etc. Dirty linens are stored outside the therapy room in a covered container. New linens are sealed in ziplock bags until use.
  • Clients receive a Covid-19/cold/flu symptom self-screening checklist the day before session through email, and if symptomatic, are asked to reschedule. I ask that my clients be aware of their health status and not put me at risk if they suspect they are fighting something off. I do not work with clients when they are experiencing cold/flu or allergy symptoms, no matter how mild.
  • I have a firm policy that I do not work with clients in the 2 week period after receiving a vaccine of any kind, including a booster shot. If you are scheduled for a session in this window of time, let’s reschedule.
  • If you are immunocompromised and wish to be the first client of the day as an extra precaution, contact me and we can plan ahead.
  • Clients remain in their vehicles until invited in at the time of their session. There is no waiting room.
  • All rescheduling during the pandemic is at no additional cost.

    updated 12/31/21
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