Sculpture testimonials

“I have been meaning to write you and thank you so very much for the beautiful womb models! Not only are they uniquely gorgeous, but I truly appreciated your handwritten note as well. I can tell a lot of love went into the process, and as a Reiki practitioner, I must say the energy coming from them was incredible!  So much love, I just wanted to sit there with them. So thank you again, your work is appreciated.”  

“Thankyou Thankyou!!!  I love the uteruses – uteri?? LOL they are absolutely amazing and really appreciate you making them!! My clients and office staff are loving these as well and fascinated!” 

“I ordered your wombs for wisdom several years ago and still bring them to every fertility awareness class I teach. People *love* them.”  

“I have to tell you that when I held the two in my hands I felt this deep stirring inside of my own body –  a connection with something that “was” sacred, but now is past and will no longer swell within me  (I am post menopausal). Yet still my body was stirred and I could “feel” the blood and bloating within. Thank you for the work you do and the beauty of what you create with your hands that is for others.

“From my personal experience, seeing, no, rather holding, the wombs was a catalyst in the way I thought about my body. It made me reassess how I treated it, how I behaved while on my period and the lack of genuine understanding I had with it. Of course, I’d seen plenty of pictures, and read a plethora of academic articles, listened to lectures, stories, etc., but nothing compared to the real impact of holding them in my hands.”  – pelvic floor yoga student

“The powerful, beautiful models arrived this morning!! I am thrilled – these models make the womb real – will be such an asset to teaching… can’t wait to share them this coming weeked and my Self Care Class.  I wish I had these models when I was a practicing midwife to help women understand their power…” –Certified Nurse Midwife

“Your models are beautiful. Students love holding them.  Thank you for doing this work!”  
-Certified Fertility Awareness Educator

“Thank you for my beautiful wombs!  I love them and the colours are fabulous!  They have been held and wondered over and loved so much already by my friends and colleagues and will have their first presentation to the 10-12 yr olds next month during the 2 workshops around menarche that I will be running. So exciting!!” 

“I have actually used the set a couple of times already as a way to draw clients in for a possible visit. It was COOL watching a woman’s face light up as she understood why her legs hurt when her uterus is displaced at 5 days prior to her cycle. You are Simply the Best!! – maya massage practitioner and educator

“I’ve started using my models with my clients and it is great seeing the lights come on when they realize why they need to take special care of their wombs when they are heavier. They also work great with my life-size pelvic model. Thank you so much for this work.” 
– Midwife, Ayurvedic and maya massage practitioner

“Thank you so much for the (‘ovulating’) uterus model. All of the ladies in the office love it! I love it! It is anatomically correct… the size and shape are wonderful for helping patients visualize actual uterine size.” – OB-GYN

“Thank you so much!  I have coveted them for years and it is so great to finally have them! ” 
– Naturopathic Doctor 

“Thank you, Megan. I am in awe of their beauty and so pleased!  Thanks for providing the materials for educating!  I can’t wait to show these to students. I think the girls will have more appreciation and respect for their bodies and the boys will have a better understanding of what girls’ bodies do.”

“Just letting you know that the wombs arrived safely on Friday. Thank you so much – they look beautiful and will be a great tool for our teaching.”

“I have never handed these models to anyone that didn’t say “oh wow!” or “omg that explains so much!” and see their eyes get bigger as they take it all in. I’ve watched so many make this CONNECTION to their core or the core of a woman they love and just soften a little bit. These are powerful tools.” – massage therapist

“They are absolutely beautiful. The colours, the texture. Especially the menopause one, that is the first one I opened, has such a deep and opening the energy and the heart colour. I love them. Thank you for your work. It is cherished and it will be cherished in the years to come.”

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