Bach Flower Therapy

Bach Flower Therapy was developed in the mid 1900’s by a medical doctor (and well known scientific researcher in his day), Dr. Edward Bach, MD. He discovered a way to imprint the electrical vibration of flowers into water, and preserve/stabilize it for use with patients. His documented clinical research discovered these ‘flower essences’ promoted emotional and energetic stabilizing and supported overall vitality in his patients.

Decades later, many people across the world are now familiar with the ‘rescue remedy’ formula that Dr. Bach developed as a comfort for those who have experienced trauma. With over 30 essences to work with, there is much more available to individualize in his system of support.

Flower essences are similar to homeopathy in that they are a vibrational modality, and there is virtually no trace of the actual physical flower in the remedy itself. They are complimentary to other therapies, and will not interfere with medications. They are useful for all ages and stages of life, including in animals too!

Animals typically respond quickly to the remedy they need. Here’s a case study of how flower essences have proven invaluable to calm frightened animals in a pet shelter during a natural disaster.

For more information about the Bach flowers, please explore here.

Contact me to set up a consultation for a personalized remedy, or you may add this onto any session we have for a small fee.

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