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If you have two hours, an oven, curiosity, and want the meditative experience of making your own, consider these instructions:

Wombs for WisdomTM:  Do-It-Yourself Instructions: Make Your Own Basic Womb Set (ovulating and mensing)

(Now in version 2.5)
An affordable way to have uterus sculptures with a personal touch!

I developed these instructions when I wanted women to have the experience of crafting their own womb sculptures, 
which can be profound.  Since then, these instructions have traveled all over the globe!  The first of their kind, it started here.

With this set of comprehensive instructions, learn how to hand sculpt and oven bake your own ovulating and mensing womb models at home.

A great option for international folks who feel crafty, or anyone on a budget who wants to own a set.

Instructions include detailed photographs with written directions for conditioning clay, sculpting two wombs, baking the models, tips on the process, as well as a list of simple supplies you assemble from your kitchen and local craft store and ideas for how
to use them.  Enjoy two hours of play time connecting to your womb energy and sculpting something personal and beautiful! People remark what a fun and personally healing experience it can be to infuse and shape your love into your own womb model.  

Please do not teach this material in your classes or circles without an express use agreement with me, for two reasons:  One, this material is copyrighted. Two, your integrity in this helps pay the bills… it makes a big difference. And Three, (bonus!) nothing teaches integrity like karma; honoring my unique contribution will build equity for your unique contribution to be honored when it emerges. Thank you.

Cost: $25 including tax, shipping in USA.
You will need to provide the minimal supplies (easily obtained from a craft store)

Email me for order form.

Here is information about these womb sculptures I developed:

Designed to function as a set, they are user-friendly and will give your clients/students an instant understanding of the impact of uterine alignment and upper range of monthly cyclical womb weight change.

Additionally, the ‘ovulating’ womb is built to approximate medical dimensions of a nulliparious womb near midcycle, and the ‘menstruating’ womb shows an upper range of enlargement as well as a variety of colors of menstrual blood.

Does the womb actually increase it’s size near the menses? My understanding is yes it does. There’s medical data to support this, which is nice to see, because of the history of traditional folk healers observing and palpating this change generations ago!

How much bigger does it get? My understand is it depends on each woman, based on her health history and lifestyle choices (such as having children or not, using birth control pills/hormone therapy or not, or even having womb inflammation/congestion from disease/malposition or not). That is why in the sculptures I make, I reference the 8 ounce weight of the mensing one as an ‘upper range’.

Why are womb cyclical weights/sizes relevant? Because these cyclical changes are normal and it helps gals to understand this. And also because when wombs are bigger and heavier they can impact the surrounding organs/tissues/structures more… Understanding this is key to helping women connect the dots about their womb position, pelvic and organ symptoms, and mensing. This can help a woman understand her own womb experience, and make choices for wellbeing.

They are a proven valuable learning aid to doulas, midwives, maya abdominal massage therapists, acupuncturists, pelvic floor yoga instructors, menarche rites of passage facilitators, and women’s health educators and practitioners.

Email me for order form.

Wombs for WisdomTM:  Do-It-Yourself Instructions: Womb Dissection with Disease

What does the inside of the womb look like?  What layers is the organ made of?  What is the pattern of womb muscle fibers? Where do the many womb ligaments attach?  How does a pendunculated fibroid look different from a polyp?

Spend about 90 minutes of exploratory clay play time and learn!

These instructions were developed to help students learn the basic layers of womb anatomy, as well as some common womb diseases. It is based on scientific illustrations, disease knowledge, and your inner child’s sense of play! This project takes about an hour to sculpt and produces a model that can be easily baked in your home oven and shown to clients to help them see and feel inside the womb, and understand their disease better.  Made roughly to scale, but larger overall.

Email me for prices and order form.

Wombs for WisdomTM:  Do-It-Yourself Instructions: The Prostate Community Dissection

This clay anatomy project is a fun exploration of internal male anatomy: the prostate and it’s connected structures. 

Through a simple and unexpected process of making the sculpture you will end up with a 3-D hand held model that shows both the outside of the structures as well as opened to show the inside.  One side of the model highlights prostate swelling. Contrasting the two sides shows the impact of disease. Useful for you to learn your organ proximity for the male, but also for male clients or students to see…  It makes a user friendly, direct, and very accessible image to give menfolk to understand their anatomy. This is not made to scale, though you can make the prostate
part of the sculpture anatomically approximate.

Email me for prices and order form.

Wombs for WisdomTM:   Womb Blood Flow  ‘Hold-Up-To-Your-Belly’  Illustration

Blood flow with Womb Belly Chart

I developed and used this illustration for every class I taught on folk womb healing. It was so helpful! 

It gives an instant x-ray like vision into the belly regarding blood supply to the womb, ovaries, and bladder. The angle is of looking at the belly from the front of the body, with the uterus standing straight up to show all the blood vessels and how they connect. (The womb is normally curved forward over the bladder, with the fallopian tubes more extended in that normal position.)

If you hold it up to your belly and put the womb sculptures in front of it, tilting them left and right… it easily shows how the blood flows can be impacted with an off centered womb position. It is made roughly to scale.*

 Unlike complicated cadaver medical illustrations, this drawing is simplified to communicate directly, is easier on the eye, and geared towards your womb teachings of the flows of blood through the area.

Comes laminated.

Price: $10, includes shipping, handling, and domestic taxes.
  Email me for order form.

**Medical references for this illustration: 
Medical illustrations: Netters, Clemente, Gray
Information on womb size, alignment and dimensions: Dr. Rosita Arvigo, DN.
Medical Study: Erbel, Raimund, and Eggebrecht, Holger. “Aortic dimensions and the risk of dissection”. Heart. 2006 Jan; 92(1): 137–142.
” The normal diameter of the abdominal aorta is regarded to be less than 3.0 cm. The normal range has to be corrected for age and sex, as well as daily workload.”B

Wombs for WisdomTM:   Dissected Anterior View of Uterus, with Ligaments (Handout)

A simple, easy to understand drawing based on medical illustrations, to show uterine ligaments and main womb anatomy.

Over the years I’ve had requests for women’s health teachers to use this illustration in their teaching packets and handouts. It’s proven very useful.

Price: $6, in a sheet protector
Email me for order form.

Wombs for WisdomTM:   Chart of Potential Womb Malpositions (Handout)

If you teach womb alignment, this illustration of different womb malpositions is essential to helping women visualize location and potential impact on other organs.

Each circle shows one, or more, potential locations. It is a thorough list. I included both common and uncommon positions.

Over the years I’ve had requests to share this illustration, which is based on a combination of medical illustrations and womb malposition documents.

Price: $6, in a sheet protector.
Email me for order form.

All photos and images and text copyright 2019 Megan Assaf.
Do not reproduce without permission.

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