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herbs freshly gathered

The Isle of Woman series blends making herbal crafts with nourishing our relationship to Self. 
Classes are dynamic, hands on, and inspirational.  Each course involves learning simple skills and
 crafts you can do at home to nurture you on many levels.

Making Cordials!

Tuesday Nov. 7, 6pm-8pm

This holiday season, give the gift of handcrafted herb and fruit cordials!
We will learn how to make and use delicious, beneficial, easy cordials.
Along the way, we will learn simple ways to support healthy natural digestion.
Bring two jars with lids, 4 oz. or larger!

Summertime Cooling Herbals!

June 17, 2017  in the morning

Summer time in Baton Rouge comes with bugs, burns and overheating!
Join me for a morning of making three summer essentials in home herbal care:
Insect bite clay paste, sun burn soothing topical, and cooling spritzers.
We will also look at easy ways to cool the body down to prevent overheating your constitution,
and why it’s important for long term health. 

Bring three small mason jars with lids.

Making your own Herbal Oils and Salves!

June 17, 2017  in the afternoon

This is the class students have been waiting a year for! 

Take all the recipes I’ve given you and make them more effective by adding your
home made herbal oils (this is not the same as essential oils). Or, come for the first time,
and learn this cornerstone of handcrafted herbalism, not just for your body, but also for cooking.

In this class we learn two methods for infusing the therapeutic properties of plants into oil.
 We will also make a salve using herbal oils. We will discuss herbal oils for use in the kitchen,
and also a materia medica of safe, edible herbs that you can grow in your garden or buy easily to get started.

This is an Intermediate level class, but is suitable for beginners who have attended one other Isle of Woman class.
hint hint: come to the class that same day, that morning on summertime herbals! :)

Please bring three small mason jars with lids, and if you have it, a good handful of fresh edible herb.

                                                                 Herbal Bath Crafts!

Sunday April 9, 2017  at 2- 4:30pm

This 2.5 hour class, from the Isle of Woman Series with resident massage therapist Megan Assaf,
will focus on 3 all natural methods to make your baths more therapeutic and enjoyable!  
We will discuss and then create herbal bathing tea, herbal bath soaking salts, and herbal bath
fizzy bombs.  Students will take home easy to follow recipes and a jar of each bath goodie!

These are the 'flavors' we'll be making! :)

Soothing Herbal Bath Tea,  Summertime Invigorating Bath Salts, Tangerine Vanilla Bath Bombs!!


Please bring to class:  3 clean jars about 4-8 ounce size.


Learn Lovin' Foot Care!

Tuesday Feb. 7, 2017  at 6pm - 8:30pm

In this 2.5 hour class from the Isle of Woman Series with resident massage therapist Megan Assaf,
we will learn an easy to do at home foot spa routine to soak away the stress of the week and reinvigorate
 and relax the feet!  We will do an herbal soak, make our own all-natural foot butter, and use it to
give ourselves a basic foot massage.  Our feet are a source of alignment and stability in our lives. 
Treating them with mindfulness can center us.  You will take home a soaking basin, massage butter,
and instructions/recipes to repeat at home. 

Please bring: a clean 2-4 ounce sized jar with lid, a hand towel, and clean feet.

Make your own organic herbal face cream!

In this dynamic and hands on workshop we'll learn the connection
between your face care and health!  We'll introduce basic face reading
for understanding the impact your organ health has on your face, and 
discuss the connection between loving yourself and beautiful skin. You'll make
an all natural face cream in class, and take home a jar and recipe!

Make your own organic herbal body/massage cream!

In this dynamic and hands on workshop we'll learn the connection
between a healthy body, healthy attitude, and your skin care habits,
take a look at the importance of using organic non toxic skin care,
and make a batch of herbal all natural body cream. 

At the end of class you will know how to do this for yourself at home,
and will take home a jar of the cream made in class!

I am also available to come to your home and teach making your own skin care
with your small circle of friends.  Contact me for details.

Breast Vitality Workshop

In this dynamic and fun workshop we'll learn the connection
between healthy breasts and your skin care habits, as well as
easy lifestyle adjustments, self breast massage, and some
emotional/energetic considerations to support healthy breasts!

You'll leave full of knowledge and tips you can apply immediately
to help your breasts be vital and beautiful.

With Breast Cancer statistics starting to show up in younger
ages, it is important to pay attention now and start cultivating
proper breast support earlier in life...

Contact me to bring this one hour presentation to your
circle of friends or office.

mensing uteruses before baking   Meg's Clay Anatomy Academy
As seen at the Maya Abdominal Massage Association Conventions in Mexico and Belize!

***Make your own at home!! Email to inquire about the "Do It Yourself Kit" or model Instructions.***

Students take home the models they make for use in their own practice, or as art.
Making each model explores different concepts of anatomy and functions within the body. A great way
to spend two creative hours. Classes may vary in length and content depending on the needs of the group.

Basic Uterus Model Set (mensing and non-mensing uteruses)
This class teaches students how to sculpt their own polymer clay reproductive organs of a 4 oz,
non-mensing uterus and an 8 oz, mensing uterus. When done accurately to instruction, models will
demonstrate the approximate shape and upper range of womb weights that are possible during different
points in the menstrual cycle. Making your own womb sculptures is a wonderful way to reflect on
and connect with your own womb energy.

Uterus Dissection Model with Pathology
Students will sculpt their own uterus model as seen from the inside out, sliced in half.
As we sculpt our way through the layers and attaching anatomy, we will be reviewing
our basic knowledge of those structures and their functions, as well as sculpting
and reviewing several of her most common possible pathologies. The outcome is a model
that is both playful yet helpful in translating 2-D intellectual knowledge into 3-D kinesthetic understanding.

"Great materials, great creativity. Megan is a wonderful class facilitator and speaks with passion
and organization. This will be very useful to me and my clients/students. Thanks for making this
a simple project for someone with not much art skills." - student

"Excellent. I felt deeply moved working on building these beautiful wombs." - student

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