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ovulating and mensing wombs

Interested in Uterus models? Click here!


*as of May 3, 2017*

I'm honored to speak at the
Acadiana Healing Traditions Seminar Series in Lafayette at 11am on May 20th!
Topic:  Folk Healing for Women's Health
  Come share a fun, fascinating hour learning about
the spirit and energetic aspects of the womb as it relates to the physical.
Click here for more information.


Women's Self Defense Class!
I am sponsoring and assisting a women's self defense class at the Red Shoes taught by Neil Melancon.
Please come join us on May 24 from 6:30 -8:30pm.
Neil is an exceptional person, a skillful martial artist, a compassionate knowlegeable teacher,
and a college friend of mine. Highly recommend!

Permission To Leave: Creating Personal Safety

With an emphasis on avoidance and peaceful conflict resolution, discover the core of self-defense: the self.
Focusing on awareness, safety and empowerment, build your confidence by learning techniques to avoid being
 vulnerable. Learn how to evade physical danger, set verbal boundaries, create a safe space and maintain
 control in potentially dangerous situations. This class consists of hands-on, practical techniques as well as
mental/meditative training. Concentric circles of personal safety will be taught to empower you in all situations.


Facilitated by Neil Melancon who has taught self-defense classes since 1992 and is an active martial artist in Baton Rouge.
Neil studied under the late Rebecca Sexton sensei.

Cost of class is $10

Click here to register


I will return to Indiana in July. Email to sign up for sessions will go out in mid June. Respond right away to secure a spot!
Thank you for your amazing loyalty and willingness to heal!

Next home herbal care classes are June 17,
on Summertime Cooling Herbals and Making Herbal Oil and Salves!  
To register, click here: The Red Shoes

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