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*as of Feb. 18, 2018*


I now offer Therapeutic Breast Massage for Women
with the Spurgeon Method TM

This technique is respectful, feels wonderful, and supports healthy breasts and breast tissue recovery.

It's especially useful for women with:
fibrocystic breasts, cyclical breast achiness/inflammation,
pregnant/postpartum/nursing breasts,
and for women who've had breast surgery
(whether elective or as part of cancer treatments, or reconstruction).

It also releases tension in the whole upper torso, front and back.

In compliance with Indiana State Law,
this modality is offered with informed consent,
draping coverage that the client prefers,
and comes from 24 hours of Nationally Certified specialty training in breast massage.

For more information please see 'Body Therapies'



Thank you to the clients in Baton Rouge and Lafayette, Louisiana!

I have moved out of state and
  and will be returning to see clients in Louisiana in the summer and winter.

To be put on my contact list for a session when I return, please email me.



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