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*as of March 21, 2018*


I will be returning to Bloomington, Indiana in April for a work trip to see clients!
Spots are now all spoken for, thank you for your enthusiasm!
To get on the cancellation list, please let me know. :)

My next Red Shoes class:

The Easy Herbal Kitchen  

Sunday    April 8     2-4:30 pm


This class is about the building blocks of a healthy herbal kitchen.
 Doing these things increases nutrient density to your usual food routine! 
We'll discuss the how and why of making herbal vinegars, herbal butter,
herbal honey, herbal ghee, as well as bone marrow broth, and recipes for using them.
Students will sample these, and make and take home herbal honey and ghee, 
instructions and recipes.

Bring three jars sized 4-8 ounces each, with lids

To Register, please go to https://www.theredshoes.org/register/


Click on this article by MarieClaire published February 27, 2018:

                                                    Doctors Have Finally Ruled Menstrual Cramps
                                                    Are as Painful as Heart Attacks


According to this article, I've had at least 228 painful like-heart attacks, once a month from age 11 to 30. Yep.

It stopped when I moved my uterus back into place, decongested and deinflammed it with safe natural methods,
and cleared the mental and emotional trauma of going through this every three weeks from a young age.

I'm not exaggerating, and women who have this will understand we aren't making this up.
It is genuinely dramatic and it's intense. Young girls can be chronic pain survivors because of this.

I helped myself, and as a result I have been able to help other women.
I now specialize in women's massage, for a variety of aches and pains, including this special one.
 If you have trouble with this, know that you can heal, and contact me for more info.



I have recently begun a project called "A Louisiana Flower Essence Project"
Feel free to follow my adventures in making native plants into essences through wordpress! :)


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