Women’s Wellbeing Massage LLC

I offer intuitively detailed advanced massage therapies, drawing from over 21 years of clinical experience and ongoing professional training. I specialize in therapies that serve women of all ages.

My work mission is to help women with three pieces of the wellbeing puzzle:
– achieve more ease in the body through massage
– increase body awareness
– learn self care skills to support wellbeing goals

I offer therapies for clients who are experiencing:

– muscle pain and tension, fascial restrictions, soft tissue injury recovery from falls, whiplash accidents as well as neck pain. I also support rebalancing TMJ, sciatica, hip, knee, low back and foot pain, carpal tunnel pain, and ‘frozen’ shoulder muscle restrictions.

– nerve pain due to soft tissue constriction, as well as nervous system tension, headaches, chronic migraines.

– autoimmune and inflammatory conditions which benefit from gentle manual therapies

– scar tissue from injuries or surgeries (including mastectomies, biopsies, hysterectomies, cesarean birth scars).

– latent or mild lymphedema that does not require an intensive CDT program

– women’s pelvic organ challenges such as painful periods, PCOS, endometriosis, bladder leakage, and uncomfortable sex. I work gently and externally on the belly, back, sacrum and hips, as well as teach my clients gentle self care. How can a gentle, modest, external massage support women with these things? Brilliantly! Look into ‘Maya Abdominal Massage‘.

– a fertility journey, to support building vitality in the pelvis prior to conception/IUI/IVF.

– pregnancy, to alleviate pains and aches from the body changes, and support the womb balanced in the pelvis. Pregnancy massage has even been scientifically studied …. click here to go to a study.

– preparing for labor beginning at 36 weeks up to two weeks after due date (if baby has not yet arrived); there’s massage for this too!

– postpartum to alleviate pains and aches from the different body changes, support the new mom shoulders and neck tenderness, and to support the womb and it’s ligaments in the pelvis as tissues return back to a non-pregnancy state.

– perimenopause and menopause to support the body changes and learn useful self care for these years

Modalities I use include:
Swedish massage
intelligent deep tissue massage

trigger point therapy
myofascial release
scar therapy
massage cupping
, including A.C.E. VacutherapyTM
Zen Shiatsu acupressure and foot reflexology
pregnancy, labor, postpartum massage therapies
CranioSacralTM therapy and Somatoemotional ReleaseTM by Upledger Institute
Visceral ManipulationTM by Barral Insitute
traditional Maya abdominal massage as taught to me by Dr. Rosita Arvigo, DN
The Spurgeon MethodTM of Breast Massage

Gentling Ways from Heather Bruce, LAc
Manual Lymph Drainage, certified by Klose Training

About your session:
Our time together is a safe and professional space to let down tension and relax.

You may choose the modality you would like, and we can do that for the whole session.
Or, I can customize your massage therapy according to your needs/preference that day, drawing from all my skills as needed, so no two sessions are the same.

I offer massage therapy that is both results oriented and wholistic.
Sessions are intended to help you not only feel better, but support your soft tissues to function better over time. Please have an intention for what you’d like to focus on. I find my work is most beneficial for those who have a goal in mind of what they want to support, and are willing to take an active role in cultivating their own health, or are interested to learn.

Appointments average 75 minutes, which includes 5-10 minutes to discuss your needs that day, 60 minutes of therapy, and 5 minutes of follow up.

Sessions by appointment only. I do not accept walk in requests. For more information, or to see if you are a good candidate for my work, please call or email to set up a complimentary 10 minute consultation by phone. Please note, it’s normal to wait several weeks to months to receive an appointment slot unless there’s a cancellation. Please plan accordingly, thank you.

I offer strictly non-sexual, therapeutic, clinical massage. Indiana state law defines massage as a health care service. Should I suspect that you intend to make the appointment sexual, I will promptly end the session, receive full payment, and you will not be allowed to return.

Please contact me for current rates and availability.

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I use handcrafted organic herbal massage creams and natural oil blends in our session.


Have you ever rubbed the bottoms of your feet with fresh crushed garlic? Try it sometime. You’ll likely taste garlic within 20 minutes on your tongue without having eaten it! In other words, what we put on our body may absorb internally.

For this reason, I use organic herbal massage creams and oils in my practice.

Ladies, we are exposed to several hundred man made chemicals every day… whether topically from cosmetics, soaps, shampoos, perfumes, or through outside exposures such as air deodorizers, pesticides on the lawn or in the home, and home cleaning supplies. Your massage is the last place you (or I!) should be concerned about chemical exposures.

Come in for your appointment, relax, breathe the fresh air and enjoy your session with these wonderful skin loving ingredients.

All photos and images and text copyright 2019 Megan Assaf.
Do not reproduce without permission.

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