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Body Therapies

Sessions by appointment only.

Mideval hands

I offer therapeutic and intuitively detailed body therapies
from over 17 years of clinical experience and ongoing advanced training.

  In our sessions I will customize a massage that is unique to you and which will support
your current goals for vitality. I will draw from a variety of skills as needed to accomplish this.
*No two sessions are alike* as you and I are both ever changing.

Please contact me for rates.

Scroll below to learn more about the body modalities I offer:
-  Muscle Therapies

-  Nerve Therapies

      -  Abdominal Therapies
                                    -  Massage Cupping and Vibrational Therapies
                                        -  Fertility Enhancement Therapies                              

jade circleMuscle Therapies:  Intelligent Deep Tissue and Relaxation...

Herbal OilsEach massage is a custom blend of intelligently applied therapies from the variety of skills I've cultivated over the years. 
Effective tissue therapy should not hurt, while at the same time, it needs to be deep and sensitive enough to be effective.

I use deeper 'spot treatment' to normalize specific areas of tension, pain, or chronic injury, combined with soothing therapeutic
swedish and lymphatic techniques for effective tissue recovery,
deeper rest and quiet ease during the session.

I may incorporate trigger point therapy, myofascial release, specific muscular active/passive release,
lymphatic drainage,
zen shiatsu acupressure, percussion and other techniques listed below.

In each massage session I use my own hand crafted massage oils, creams, or herbal salves, fine tuned and developed
over years of experience.

If you've never experienced the difference of what real herbal massage lubricants are like, you are in for a spectacular  treat!
Many commercial brands of massage lotions/creams are actually full of chemicals and toxic, leaving a layer of well known
carcinogenic and hormone disrupting ingredients on your skin. As part of valuing your health, and mine, I use only organic,
non toxic creams, oils, and salves which are like food for your skin.
Making them myself ensures their quality and potency.

"With Megan's various talents I have become a healthier person. Through her various body therapies
... I have become more grounded and my body feels the calmness and becomes energized.
I have seen many massage therapists and have had hundreds of massage therapies. Megan
is extremely talented and the best I ever had. She can feel exactly what your body needs, senses
what is going on with your body and is magically excellent in resolving the ailment."  -Dr. M. Bodensteiner

“Megan has done wonders for my neck pain and my seasonal allergies. I’ve been getting sessions from her for 9 months
and I have seen such an improvement in my neck pain and I rarely have to take allergy medication.” -S. Jones

jade circleNerve Therapies: CranioSacral for Adults
cranial bones

CranioSacral Therapy
(CST) is a gentle method that works to soften tension in the tissues surrounding
your nervous system (spine, brain, sacrum)
.  Considered a highly technical energetic manual therapy,
I support your body into profound relaxation by lightly holding different bony prominences of the skull,
spine, and areas of the abdomen in order to alleviate tension in the connecting structures.  As a result,
proper flow of nourishing cerebrospinal fluid is able to move better throughout the nervous system. Sessions
for just this technique alone are performed with the client fully clothed, and I use a light touch -

generally no more than the weight of a nickle.

This work is wonderful for children and adults, as well as pregnant women. 

“Megan is an intuitive healer with magical hands. After years of frequent debilitating headaches and lower back pain I am so very close to being pain free.
Megan has assisted me to know my own body
and take corrective action before I reach a critical point.” - Nina C.

"Thank you again for all of your care and healing and the time spent -  you have 'the gift', and I/we are better for it." -S.T.

“Over the last couple years, your patient and wise ways have facilitated me in beginning a deeper and more inclusive healing than I alone would have
ever found...Thank you so very much.” - M.H.

jade circleWomen's Health Abominal Massage

Original watercolors copyright 2006 Megan Assaf
at left: side view of organ alignment
at right: front view of womb with ligaments, ovaries and vagina

I have worked with this technique, in studying, developing, and teaching it nationally and internationally for over 10 years.
I am pleased to be one of the first to offer this unique woman-supportive modality in Louisiana.   

There is evidence that a form of external womb massage existed historically in many cultures around the world, faciliating
and easing the passage of women through their menstruation, sexual health, fertility, birthing, postpartum and peri/menopausal life transitions.
The tradition I originally learned this technique through comes from Central America, through Dr. Rosita Arvigo, DN, and is commonly
referred to as 'Maya Abdominal Massage'.

This technique
is modest, gentle, non invasive, and external. It works by relieving congestion and circulation blockages in the
abdomen improve the fluid flows of blood,
lymph and nerve impulses to the organs. It may also release emotional and energetic
congestion from the abdomen. All of this supports healthy organ

It is best known for helping balance the tissues of the 'tilted, tipped, retroverted', or 'prolapsed, falling' womb and bladder, as well as supporting digestive organs.
Through helping the womb rebalance in the pelvis, circulation is increased, natural fertility is enhanced, menstruation is more efficient, and discomforts
commonly associated with pelvic pain, menstrual cramps, painful sex, post hysterectomy scarring and bladder incontinence may be reduced. 

No matter what the cause for seeking out this therapy, a common result of this work is to feel lighter, more centered and aligned
within oneself after the session.
  This is because the womb is a center of energy, emotion, and structural pelvic integrity in a woman's body.
Clients consistently report it's benefits, and for some it can be transformational.

What to expect in a session:  Gentle abdominal massage from below the sternum to above the pubic bone, that may also include therapy
on the back and hips. You will be modestly draped at all times in your session, respecting your comfort
.  As part of your therapy I may teach you a self nourishing
massage to be applied at home to continue the support.  You may also learn other self care techniques for supporting your unique situation.

The first session is about 100 minutes long, follow up sessions are 70 minutes each.  An average of two follow ups, one month apart, is usual.
Please schedule the session according to when you are not menstruating, do not have an IUD in place, or have an acute infection. 

This list contains common *symptoms* of organ malposition and congestion in the abdomen... 

                                                                                Womb and Bladder Symptoms:

Additional Organ Symptoms:

Are you a mother of a daughter? Please read on.

**Teenagers and preteens** can benefit from this work. In my experience younger women have the ability to repair the effects of ligament changes
from womb malposition quickly and effeciently, and as such, this work can be a potentially great support to avoiding the common painful symptoms our
culture has come to think of as 'normal' for menstruating... such as low back pain, bloating, heaviness, cramping, and difficulty with using tampons (really!).

Imagine if you could help your daughter avoid these (and possibly difficulties you had with your womb), as well as foster a healtheir foundation for fertility,
and a practical, common sense, self aware approach regarding her natural womanly processes...   This is the potential of this work for this age group.
It is so important.  In my many years of offering this, many women have told me "I wish I knew about this sooner."  

Moms, come receive a session so you know.  And then see if it's a fit for your daughters.
Young women under age 18 are welcome to have a session
with their guardian present.

Why have I or my doctor not heard of this before?  Is this legitimate?
Modern western medicine is still in the process of learning about the traditional women's wisdom that this method offers.  It is happening though!  In my
years of teaching I had students who were chiropractors, gynecologists, physical therapists, midwives, nurses, doulas, massage therapists, and naturopathic doctors.
I also heard through my clients of their older doctors trained long ago who knew of the importance of womb alignment... including exercises they were given to help
with this for menstrual pain, conception and postpartum relief!  In fact, if we want to point to historical references... one example is from the victorian era,
where women riding on trains was discouraged because it was thought to move the womb and cause hysteria! I don't agree with that, but the important thing
to realize is that the cultural reference to uterus location was there!

So, not to worry.  Both modern and historical traditions work beautifully together.  For example, lining up a cervix before conception can help delivery to be easier
for both mom and doctor.  Lubricating the cervix with pelvic steaming can support the IUI and other insemination procedures. This is one reason that infertility
clinics are now hiring practitioners of this work to facilitate better chances for their clients.  And also one reason pelvic steaming is on the rise in high end women's spas.

In my sessions I do the massage therapy but also teach concepts of traditional uterine self care as needed.  Our bodies are different than men's and need support that
is specific to this.  I see this information as a birthright to all women who want to know, as it is simply part of how one cares well for a female body. 

"...I am still euphoric.... Thank you so much for completely changing my life.  I am so lucky to have found you!" - L.B., Indiana

"We have fabulous news in our casa: we're pregnant! The baby's movements are fabulous. When sharing our process, we mention
the help you guided us with, thank you.
We truly appreciate the love and healthy energy you've shared with our family." -B. & A.

“I started going to Megan at the advice of my acupuncturist. I was having trouble with extremely heavy bleeding, cramps,
 and clotting. I was a bit skeptical, but have been so uncomfortable, that I decided it was worth a try. After going to Megan
for a short while and learning about Maya Abdominal Massage, I did get relief from all of these. Yet, I was surprised at how
much more came with it. I have learned a lot about my body and how by taking care of myself I can have painless, stress
free periods. In addition, I no longer have vaginal dryness and painful intercourse. So going to Megan not only
helped me find the relief from menstrual issues I was seeking, but it improved my sex life too.
I’m no longer skeptical and neither is my husband.” -L.A.

"Thanks for the handouts and the wonderful treatment.  I really appreciate the expertise, compassion, and passion you bring
to your work!  ...It's been amazing to get more in touch with this essential part of myself." -J., IN

"I am so relieved to have found an ally in Megan. Before working with her, I was fairly ignorant of all
the ways my health could be affected by what we worked to correct. It's so amazing how you can not
even really feel that bad, but how much better you can feel after working with her. I now know many
simple ways that I can manage and maintain my body's health...I have found it so effective and beneficial.
I have all the highest respect and highest recommendations for Megan's talents and services." -B.G., Santa Cruz, CA

"Thank you. I felt a real change, primarily emotional. Cried for days... we will keep in touch."  -D.L., Canada

"Thank you for the extraordinary care, the gentle wisdom and the supreme compassion you have shared with
me this past fall. I value and appreciate your presence in our community and acknowledge my own
empowerment to practice my own self care in new and loving ways. Thank you, Megan
." - J., Indiana

Meg's Womb Massage in the news! 

In October, 2017 Megan was interviewed by Lafayette TV station KATC about folk healing for women.

In April, 2017, Megan was a guest lecturer at Vermillionville in Lafayette, LA presenting on folk healing concepts of and for wombs.

In November, 2014 Megan had two clinical case studies of womb massage published in first edition of book called "Journeys in Healing".

The August 25, 2013 production of Sound Medicine, Megan was interviewed in a radio program about womb massage.
The website for the show was hit with so much interest to see the ultrasounds of the uterus that
following the program it was actually down for a day!
  Due to popular interest, the radio interview
was re-aired 6 months later and heard on public radio stations across Indiana and beyond.

The February/March 2012 issue of Bloom Magazine featured an article on maya abdominal massage in Bloomington, IN.

The May 2011 issue of Natural Awakenings Indianapolis edition, featured an article on maya abdominal massage in Indy, IN.

The March/April 2010 issue of Mothering Magazine (issue #159) featured an article on maya abdominal massage, which featured Meg's artwork.

jade circleAdditional Abdominal Massage Therapies

In addition to my background in Women's Health Abdominal Massage, Swedish abdominal massage, and infant abdominal massage,
I continue to develop my skills by training with the Barral Institute, as well as Donna Caire LMT of Regeneration Springs.

jade circleCupping and Vibrational Therapies

These are tools that help the body to support and balance stagnant muscular tissue, release deep and chronic muscular spasm

and trigger points, and support energetic channels in the body.

- Cupping therapy goes back to neolithic times, as a modality which was used by people all over the world
for thousands of years.  I apply cups with negative pressure to your muscles to alleviate a range of fascial and muscular dysfunction
patterns including muscle spasm and
'frozen' muscle restrictions.  It is common to experience relief of tissue
congestion, decrease in fascial restrictions, decreased pain and spasm, as well as increased blood circulation to the area. 

- Flower Essences are electrical and energetic patterns of specific flowers which are preserved in liquid and may be applied
   topically during a session. They
introduce subtle energy patterns into the body and human electric field which may have been
   lost or broken,
thereby repairing the energetic circuitry of your acupressure systems. Traditional folk healing lineages
   have long acknowledged the energy fields produced by plants and living beings, and this form of therapy supports at this level.
For more information on the scientific research of flower essences, please google Flower Essence Services, or Perelandra.

jade circleFertility Enhancement Therapies: Fertility, Prenatal, Labor, and Postpartum Massage Therapies

mother and childrenThe 2 years of conception, pregnancy, labor, and postpartum are one of most dramatic times of expansion and contraction
that a woman’s physical body and energy system can make in her lifetime. Therapeutic massage can be an outstanding
(and essential)
support along the way. Since 2000 I have specialized in this work for women, integrating over 6 advanced
childbearing year and woman care trainings in order to know how to deeply support your childbearing journey. 

 All sessions are customized according to your evolving needs, and integrate several modalities to comprehensively address your concerns.

* For fertility enhancement:
Women's Health Abdominal Massage (Maya abdominal massage), as well as traditional fertility lifestyle information.

* For pregnancy:
Massage has been proven to reduce the aches and pains of the body’s changing landscape, promote a compassionate
way to regard these changes in oneself, as well as support mother/infant bonding prior to birth. It can help prepare mom's muscles
and body awareness for her upcoming labor.
I weave a combination of Integrative Pregnancy Massage, Maya abdominal massage,
Therapy, energy therapies, and topical flower essences as appropriate for your session.

  If you are healthy, pregnancy massage is safe in all trimesters as I adapt to your unique needs each session.
  However, if you need to budget, I highly recommend pregnancy massage once a month beginning in your second trimester
  with an additional session at 38 - 40 weeks.  

                                * raises energy levels
                                * relieves structural and muscular pain and sciatica
                                * supports proper pelvic and sacral bone alignment

                                * relieves excess fluid retention/edema
                                * eases constipation, gas, heartburn, improves digestion
                                * increases muscle tone and flexibility and reduces discomfort in uterine ligaments
                                * promotes relaxation and reduces stress and anxiety, increases oxytocin which fosters loving bonding with babe
                                * can help release emotional tension and resolve trauma
                                * can improve labor outcomes
                                * increases body awareness and confidence in the body to do what it knows how to do
                                * supports healthy womb processes and alignment by encouraging optimal blood, lymph, nerve and energy flow
                                * supports baby's alignment in the womb and womb alingment in pelvis for optimal womb functioning and delivery

                     * For labor support:

                           Ongoing advanced and skillful prenatal massage is the best support I know to prepare your body for labor.

                                           Labor Mentoring Session, with a Partner: A custom mentoring session with you and your spouse, or other support person,
                                                    that will help your partner to familiarize him/herself in how to help you during labor through massage,
                                                    acupressure, and comfort measures. The goal is to help your support person feel personally confident in their
                                                    ability to help comfort and touch you effectively during end of pregnancy, and labor. This session also includes
                                                    practical tips on what to bring to the hospital, based on my experience
as a DONA birth doula and traditional
                                                    folk healing training.

                                           Labor Engaging Session: Also, if you are in the last week of pregnancy, or are overdue, and would like
                                                    an appointment to support the body in moving efficiently towards labor, I offer a labor prep session that combines
                                                    both traditional Central American and Chinese massage methods, craniosacral therapy, and energy therapy to support the process.
                                    This session does not guarantee to start labor; in all my years of practice, I've found it's the baby who decides when labor begins.
                                                    Instead, this session promotes the body's own tendencies and brings mom and baby together as a team energetically.

                                                    This is also a great session to learn which acupressure points to work on at home to continue to support the process.

                     * For postpartum:
                                                   Much needed therapy for the new mom! Sessions are a combination of many therapies to ease specific areas of discomfort
                                                   brought about by labor or new mom/nursing lifestyle. Dads, this is a great gift certificate to get your Wonder Woman.

                           Benefits include:
                                * helps the womb realign properly and involute in pelvis post delivery
                                * helps restore womb and her ligaments back into alignment, as well as pelvic alignment
                                * reduces and helps resolve cesarean delivery scarring
                                * helps reduce and resolve low back, sacral ligament, coccyx ligament and surrounding muscle strain and pain that sometimes happens in delivery
                                * alleviates tension and soreness from 'new mom' achey shoulders, neck, and back from breastfeeding and carrying the newborn
                                * helps relieve emotional tension and anxiety and integrate a difficult birth experience

                                        * much needed energetic nourishment for moms who are overwhelmed by the demands of raising a newborn

For pregnant clients, I offer a complimentary 30 min. CranioSacral Therapy session for their infant within the first 6 months.

“Thank you for helping me connect with my body. You are my angel.” -C.F.

"Thank you for taking the time to not only be a part of Isabelle's birth, but also bringing a special quality
  of peace and harmony that only your spirit could have brought!" -N.

“Thank you, again, for the fresh breath of calm expertise you brought to the birth experience. I didn’t realize how
much we all needed you until you arrived and your friendly, competent manner settled over us.” - S.W.

"The night I spoke to you on the phone, I had a good cry and a long conversation with this baby. She decided to come
into the world the next day! Thank you for your knowledge, insight, compassion, and thoughtfulness." -T.M.

blue morpho butterfly from belize
Sessions by appointment only.
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